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Kęstutis Urba generates an idea about elite children’s literature (which shouldn’t be denied by adults) in the INTRODUCTORY article. Džiuljeta Maskuliūnienė disputes literary values of poetry and prose for children by Julius Janonis (1896–1917). The next publication in ARTICLES section is about Historia de una Gaviota y del gato que le enseno a volar by Luis Sepúlveda, the tale is discussed in the context of animal stories. And the third publication is Nahoko Uehashi’s impressive speech at the 35th IBBY Congress „Stories as a Ray of Hope – Culture Divides but also Unites“. (We thank to the author for the permission to translate it from Japanese language.) READINGS OF MY CHILDHOOD is prepared by Eglė Baliutavičiūtė, who interviews famous Lithuanian author Vytautas Bubnys. CONVERSATION column consists of two publications, the first is interview by Björn Sundmark with Cornelia Funke (reprinted from “Bookbird”, 2016, vol. 54, No. 2) and interview by Julita Kraińska with dr. Małgorzata Cackowska about book art tendencies and picturebooks in Poland. Three very new Lithuanian books for YA are reviewed, as well as Franceszka by Anna Piwkowska and Paperboy by Vince Vawter in the section AT THE CLOSER LOOK. “Christmas Fairy” by J. S Winter is translated as Christmas stocking-filler for the readers of “Rubinaitis” in the column LET’S READ TOGETHER, MOTHER, FATHER!

Žurnalas „Rubinaitis“, 2016 Nr. 4 (80)

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